Julie and Elsie’s Chrsitmas Gift Guide!

Julie and Elsie’s Chrsitmas Gift Guide!

Julie and Elsie’s Chrsitmas Gift Guide!

Christmas is coming and we thought that all the people could use some help with what kind of presents to get for their stuffed animal and anipal friends! We have put together this gift guide with some great ideas to help them out. Make sure to share it with your Person!


I Am Otter by Sam Garton


Our friend I Am Otter has written a wonderful book that is great for bedtime stories or anytime really. It is about how Otter opens a toast restaurant and the exciting adventure they have while Otter Keeper is at work. It has beautiful picture so even if your Person isn’t home to read to you, it is still fun to look at.  Person already got us one so we won’t be getting one for Christmas which is a little bit sad but Person says we can still read our copy on Christmas. You can buy the book at  http://www.amazon.com/I-Am-Otter-Sam-Garton/dp/0062247751

Us reading Otter’s book!


I Am Otter



Mini Sleeping Bags


In our shop we have little sleeping bags for stuffed animals! The sleeping bags are very snugly and warm and perfect for a cold winter night. I help Person make them so if you want a specific size or color, I will make sure it’s just like you want! We have extra sleeping bags on hand for when our friends come to visit for a slumber party! You can purchase them in our shop at http://www.studio-lumio.com/product-tag/sleepover/

Toy Sleeping Bag

We are feeling sleepy already….

It’s a sleepover!



Teeny Tiny Pets by SuAmi


Elsie and I are always wanting new toys and little pets. SuAmi has an Etsy shop with tiny animals that are a perfect size for stuffed animal toys or pets. Elsie wants us to get a bunny one but I like the kitty. I wish there were a zebra one. There are tons to choose from so you should ask your Person to look through them all so you can say which one is your favorite! I like these four best. You can purchase these in SuAmi’s Etsy shop at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SuAmi?ref=l2-shopheader-name

il_570xN.522936216_euc4 il_570xN.384351087_f46a

il_570xN.375636572_tsw6 il_570xN.304048577



Our Fastinators


Since we know many of us will be going to holiday tea parties, or maybe even Nutcracker or another show, these hats from our shop are perfect for dressing up. I like the red one best but Elsie thinks the pink one is better. The best part is that people can wear them too! Persons may be more inclined to get one for you if you tell them that you’ll share! You can purchase them  in our shop at http://www.studio-lumio.com/product-tag/hat/

Fantastic Red Fastinator

Fantastic Red Fastinator

Fantastic Pink Fastinator

Fantastic Pink Fastinator



Stuffed Animals by Handy Little Me


Perhaps your Person only has one stuffed animal; If that is the case, you may need another one to come live with you this Christmas for a friend. It’s good to have lots of fluffies at your house. It makes planning anipal friendly adventures easier and for convincing humans of things. Handy Little Me makes lots of knitted stuffed animals that your Person should look at. You can buy one on her Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/handylittleme?section_id=5487308&ref=shopsection_leftnav_2.

P.S – Person says you can’t buy friends so you’ll have to be nice to the new stuffed animal after it comes to live with you. I reccommend sharing your chocolate. That’s how I made friends with Elsie when she came to live here.










Our Origami Paper Dolls


I like to play with the Japanese paper dolls that we make here. I usually supervise Person when we make them so they are all very pretty. Person says they are not toys but I think she’s wrong. They are just the right size for stuffed animals to play with and are obviously meant for fun. There are lots to choose from in our shop http://www.studio-lumio.com/product-tag/japanese/.  The paper crane beads are fun to play with too!

Japanese Paper Doll













Scarf & Hat Set by Hats and Hyacinths


Since it is getting cold outside, we recommend that all fluffies have something to keep them warm when they go outside to travel for adventures in the winter. Hats and Hyacinths makes some cute hat and scarf sets that we really like. You can get them at her Etsy shop.

Hats and Hyacinths

Hats and Hyacinths



Christmas Stockings by Custom Crochet and Yarned Together


Every stuffed animal needs a Christmas stocking to hang up for when Santa comes! Custom Crochet makes a little tiny red one that you can get in her shop at customcrochet.   If you’re a little bit bigger than Elsie and I and therefore need a larger one, Yarned Together makes a blue one that you can get at her shop. Christmas stockings are super important!





Christmas Cooking with Emily Baum and Cooking With Rabbits


I like to help Person cook over the holidays but she doesn’t like me getting cookie dough all over. I think this little apron, made by Emily Baum, would be very useful for any anipals that like to cook. It’s pretty too! You can get it at her shop at https://www.etsy.com/listing/172167859/doll-apron?ref=related-1. If you’re a fan of cooking, you should also check out Cooking With Rabbits; Rabbits are the chef, not the meal. They have lots of useful cooking tutorials. They have a fun mug that I like. It’s too big for me but it would remind your Person to go to their website and read the blog to you. You can buy it here http://www.zazzle.com/cooking_with_rabbits_mug-168183174723158503










Stylish Travel Totes


Elsie and I really like to travel and I know many of you do too! It is important that your Person has a handy way of bringing you along on trips. Our Person takes us places in her purse. Sometimes she knows we are coming but other times we just sneak in there when she’s not looking. Anyway, purses can be a great means of travel for anipals so you want to make sure your Person has a stylish purse that is big enough for you to come along! We have some purses in our shop that are very nice for travel. I have sat in each one personally and think they are very cozy for a small animal like me. You can see what we have here http://www.studio-lumio.com/product-tag/purse/. The best part about this gift is that you can tell your Person that it is a present that you want to get for them! I think this will make most People happy.

Pink Sunflower

Pink Sunflower

Pink and Gold Sunset

Pink and Gold Sunset


If you have questions about any of these gifts or need other ideas, please let me know. You could ask Elsie too but she’s kind of unreliable right now because she’s so excited about Christmas!



Written by Julie and Elsie


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