CameraZOOM-20130812214646646Welcome to Studio Lumio. We are excited to share our creativity with you.  We are a husband and wife team and create all projects in tandem. This gives an added depth to the creative process as we bounce ideas off each other and work together. We are a bilingual and bi-cultural family, creating with cameras, paper, fabric, words, beads, food and whatever else strikes our fancy! We provide photography services as well as gifts, home decor, jewelry and cards.

What we love most about our work is the little details that makes each project special. Whether it is capturing something magical in a landscape photograph, the deep love between a couple in an engagement session, the lace trim on a sewing project or the embellishments on a paper doll, each project is inspired and made with love.

We love making custom pieces and creating with you. If you have something in mind, just let us know. We are happy to talk with you if you have any questions about our products or creative process. One of the joys of photography and handcrafted art is being part of a community who share a passion for originality and creativity. We look forward to working with you!

When not traveling in search of magical photo spots, or sourcing materials for our art projects, we make our home in Portland, Oregon.

About Makoto:

makoto Makoto grew up in Japan and fell in love with Oregon when he first visited in 1993. His love of photography started when he bought an all manual SLR film camera in 1995. When not using an SLR camera, he also likes pushing the limits of point and shoot and phone cameras. He continues to capture anything beautiful with whatever tools he has at hand. Trained as a software engineer, he enjoys the combination of technicality and art that is required of photography. It is a good combination of his diverse and well-rounded skills sets. Makoto also has many other creative avenues including painting, gardening, cooking, dancing, playing his (real and in tune) ukulele, and jewelry making. He loves to learn new skills and is always saying “I want to learn how to do that” and then does. He has an eye for detail and a unique take on how he sees the world.  Makoto loves meeting new people and sharing ideas with them.  He would love to talk with you either about what he is creating or the creative avenues you are exploring.

About Jill:

jillJill was born in New York but moved to Oregon when she was small. She stared creating with paper, fabric and words at a very young age. Her first large scale productions were putting on musicals with her toys, complete with handmade costumes, sets and props. She loves challenging projects and making things that others say are impossible. All her paper dolls are her own designs, created because she was enchanted by some paper dolls that an exchange student gave to her. She wanted to learn how to make them but had no instructions so she learned how through her own trial and error. She has a vivid imagination, which can be seen in her art creations and also in her poetry and storytelling. Trained as a classical ballet dancer, she has an eye for choreography, props and staging when helping make photo shoots look magical. She also loves singing, cooking, hiking, swimming in lakes and mini pumpkins.

About Our Studio Assistants:

julie and elsieJulie Jane and Elsie Elaine are our lovely little studio assistants. They come to us with years of experience in creative endeavors. This comes from lots of practice using creative means to get chocolate or a trip to the park. They love to travel and have adventures particularly ones involving friends and treats. When not helping out in the studio, they are often working on their blog about their adventures. You can read about them at http://juliejanezebra.blogspot.com